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Ok – trying to match to ‘Don’t look back’. Far from perfect but actually I like the sound nonetheless.
First off here is my setup.
A. I don’t own a Les Paul. So closest I have is my SGish Wechter with SD trembuckers bridge and reverse ’59 in the neck. For the main opening riff I actually set my humbucker in parallel which seemed to add a little definition but overall used the series as it sounded better for the lead lines.
B. I did use my analog alien Joe Walsh Double Classic compressor at about 4:1 ratio into my Full Drive 2 set with just bit of clean boost into the preamp of my nighttrain G2.
C. I ran the H9 as ‘post’ which I have in my FX loop with settings shown. I created the expression to toggle for the bridge neck humbucker darker sound. What I discovered is that my normal splash of reverb on my amp was too much and I really dialed it back to cleanup the definition.
I consider this a starting point. I am still thinking an EQ in there might get it closer
Let me know what you think. In my rig I do love the way the chords sustain and tail off.