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Necro-Update:  I skipped the original SuperEgo pedal, but recently added a SuperEgo+ (alongside a Freeze pedal, H9s, etc.).  I haven’t logged many hours in the woodshed with this, but GLISS and AUTO mode emulations remain elusive.  LAYERS are somewhat limited to control by technique.  Some SE+ modes can be simulated perfectly; including built-in FX.  Other mode setups: impossible, or difficult with workarounds.

As an aside, I wrote:
For AUTO mode, Eventide would need to divert the audio input signal to trigger (pulse) a “buffer sample” (automating the process below).  I don’t know how you could fit adjustable THRESHOLDs between the H9 algorithms’ FREEZE – INF values.  It may be a matter of choosing a fixed THRESHOLD value that covered most input conditions.  Audio in samples the delay buffer, then immediately snaps back to a FREEZE variation.

This preset is more like the SE+ LATCH mode, and the MOMENT mode (using HotSwitch control).  But using a soft-touch switch, the techniques feel organic, and interactive.  THRESHOLD is bottomed out, to pick up most any input signal.  Other than [H9] DECAY, most parameters are at neutral settings.  ATTACK and RELEASE (SE+ ‘DECAY’) mirror functions in both units.  OMNI-RATIO adjustments push the H9 into another class of effects.

Select between momentarily sampling the buffer for your frozen note, or latching between a frozen state, and a ‘rest’ state.  Both options have their musical usefulness.  Use an Aux switch mapped to the expression pedal, or an Aux switch mapped to the HotSwitch / Performance switch function.

Momentary Action:

Aux Switch -> Expression Pedal Heel:  DECAY  FREEZE

Aux Switch -> Expression Pedal Toe:   DECAY  0.1 S

Latching Action:


HotSwitch = ON   DECAY  0.1 S

In either action, holding an ‘ON’ state – with silent input – samples that silence into FREEZE (effectively erasing it).  H9’s DECAY parameter can be increased to 1.0 – 2.0 Seconds, to simulate the SE+ DECAY parameter.  Too much H9 DECAY, and the ‘LAYERS’ will begin to overlap in FREEZE mode.