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Here’s an example of the ‘standard’ HotSwitch effect, but with a twist.  It takes advantage of this algorithm’s parameter set; enabling dry+FREEZE in parallel, or INF-type layering FREEZE.  It’s a matter of using the “wrong” algo, for selecting just the “right” effect.

HotSwitch – OFF

This preset starts out 100% dry, because no signal has been frozen yet.  Any “shimmer” here is limited to the slight detuning, and the upper-frequency sheen over the frozen signal.


HotSwitch – ON

The HotSwitch latches into a layering / freeze mode.  This is where to ‘capture’ the background FREEZE.  You can add up impossible fretboard leaps in a sequence.  Eventually (over a long period), frozen input will degrade.  Newer notes take precedence, in a limited sense.  When you tap the HotSwitch back to OFF, that’s both the ‘capture point’, and stored signal level of the background FREEZE.


HotSwitch – OFF (subsequent toggling)

At this point, you’re back to ‘dry’ again, but with the captured layers droning in the background.  If you’re running a y-cable for expression pedal + the Aux HotSwitch [or even 2 Aux Switches], the expression pedal mappings remain free to exploit.  Programmable, variable, and live control over the effected signal, whether the HotSwitch is in the ON or OFF latched position.

Expression Pedal Heel:  SIZE  25  DELAY  1000mS

Expression Pedal Toe:    SIZE  50   DELAY  50mS

An esoteric EXP PED mapping, to be sure, but exaggerated here to highlight its effect.  The long DELAY at Heel makes for a ‘breathing’ recirculation with frozen staccato notes, and smears the FREEZE with legato input.  Pushing towards Toe will ‘bend’ the medium room ‘verb, and drop the DELAY to minimum.

A few pedal punches will disintegrate the FREEZE into lower frequency noise.  That also helps to shorten the fade-out time of the frozen signal.  When HotSwitch = ON, that ‘room-bending’ from an expression pedal can be captured in the frozen loop.