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Now, the following preset is an example of the “hidden” advantages:  Dry, with added live effects, alongside a parallel FREEZE.  At the default settings, a one-second DECAY separates the reverb from the 1.5 second ECHO, on a handful of repeats.  A touch of higher frequency sheen & room girth are added.

HotSwitch OFF


HotSwitch ON

Latch the HotSwitch ON within the one-second DECAY window, to capture a frozen signal.  Your dry signal will still be augmented by the DELAY settings, with FREEZE droning on in the background.

Expression Pedal Heel:  FLANGR MIX  0

Expression Pedal Toe:   FLANGR MIX  100

For a more practical expression pedal routing, I targeted the (very nice) flanger effect onboard.  It’s routed in a way that effects the ECHO and repeats, while ‘dry’ remains dry.  MODRATE is fairly slow, to match up against the lengthy ECHO time.  With HotSwitch OFF, it will sweep both the reverb and delay.

Unlatching HotSwitch ON to HotSwitch OFF, FREEZE will DECAY quickly, with a few trailing ECHO repeats.