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nickrose wrote:

I understand your frustration, but you over-emphasize the effect Eventide can have on an 800 billion dollar company.

Yeah, Apple actually has been responsive every time we've reported a problem with them.  What's been difficult is we can't reproduce these problems ourselves.  So, in the past what's happened with a similar issue on iOS is Apple has asked us to verify if a new release fixes a problem.  We've asked the people who told us about the problem to see if the new release fixes the problem, and if not, to send us another Bluetooth log.  They didn't respond.  So, Apple marked the issue as fixed and closed the bug ticket.  Then, other users complained later on about still having connectivity issues, but when we asked them to send us a Bluetooth log, they didn't…

As long as people stay in touch with us and help us give Apple what they need, I think we'll be able to get this issue fixed.