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It’s good to know that people are applying these concepts, and even better … modifying the presets, and making them their own.  That’s the whole point of this ‘graphics & prose’ approach – as opposed to simply dumping out canned preset downloads.

I’m constantly surprised by the the depths that you can push these algorithms to, regardless of (or maybe because of) any parameter limitations.  Take a general effect type like FREEZE, then customize the result with careful algorithm & parameter choices.

HotSwitch OFF

I should drop in another preset here.  Along the same lines of ‘DELAY+MOD FREEZE’ above, but with reverse reverb sweeps, delay repeats (accents from LATE DRY), and really INF freeze from the SIZE parameter.


HotSwitch ON

Since this is a building reverse reverb, you’ll want to ‘capture’ a later section of the buffer.  In this example, closer to 2 seconds after note input.  But capturing any lower level signal is still going to build … INF-initely.

There’s a strange, subtle bending of INF / FREEZE pitch here, even with no MOD-LEVEL added.  If you want to create a latched Wall Of Sound, this is it.  It will ‘morph’ back nicely when you unlatch HotSwitch to OFF.  The reverse reverb / delay are available throughout; with or without the INF freeze and layering.

Expression Pedal Heel:  MOD-LEVEL  0

Expression Pedal Toe:   MOD-LEVEL  100

… because I’m a sucker for dynamically blended modulation effects.