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An unconventional choice for a FREEZE simulation.

At default, this preset loops a sequence of resonant ‘NOTES‘; centering around an [E] tonality.  There’s a very long fade time (around 40 repetitions with FB:1  90 FEEDBACK), before the sequence eventually decays to silence.  Similar to a TimeFactor REPEAT function, with more control over the buffer capture.

You can easily change the sequence / tonality in the NOTE GRID view:

HotSwitch OFF

The slight, negative RESONANCE will make the individual ‘notes’ of the sequence stand out with staccato input.  But you can easily create a SE+ type FREEZE wash with legato input & softened attack. New input will be layered over the sequence; similar to an H9 INF setting.


HotSwitch ON

Locking in the FB1 FREEZE value allows dry input over the frozen sequence.  It will loop the levels from the point where the sequence was originally ‘captured’.  Switching between HotSwitch ON & OFF refreshes that sequence with additional input layers, and allows for limited editing of the sequence.


Big Caveat wrote:
It’s close to impossible to get FB1 FREEZE to behave as the HotSwitch ON value.  There are just too many values crowded into the midpoint of the FEEDBACK parameter.  You may initially lock in FB1 FREEZE, and even save the preset as such.  But eventually, FB1 FREEZE will shift to FB1:  99, or FB2:  1, destroying the FREEZE FX.

You may get lucky, and get the parameter to ‘stick’.  If frustration takes over, use the alternate FB2  FREEZE value, fully clockwise on the parameter dial.  It will degrade your repeating pattern, away from the sequence that was originally input.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  This alternate FREEZE can be used to great effect, and will become a non-issue in SuperEgo+ background washes.


HotSwitch ON [Alternate FREEZE Value]

Expression Pedal Heel:  FB1:  90  RESONANCE  -2  REVERB  5

Expression Pedal Toe:    FB1:  10  RESONANCE  2  REVERB  20

The expression pedal will override the current FREEZE setting, as both actions share FEEDBACK control.  But the pedal also acts as near-instant decay of the frozen sequence, and a method for ‘chopping up’ the sequence in progress.  REVERB is slightly increased, to smooth out the transitions.

But it also acts as a unique, warbling modulation, as it shifts from negative RESONANCE, through none, and onto positive RESONANCE.  That warble can be imprinted on the repeating sequence.  Take a look at the following link for more information on RESONATOR ‘modulation’:



At full Toe, this preset is almost a ‘normal’ reverb, with an overlay of several quickly decaying loops.  At midpoint, moderate REVERB, and controllable sequence fades.  For modulation effects, there’s some advantage to using two Aux switches here [one for HotSwitch OFF & ON; the other mapped to the expression pedal].  Quick shifts between Heel & Toe create the most watery modulation FX.