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nickrose wrote:
In the new year I will document a Sysex that will allow you to do this.

Most pedalboards will not send Sysex, so this will not benefit everyone.

Tomtama wrote:
Are there any plans to update the software to be able to do this with a CC? I can’t imagine I’m the only one who wants to do something like this.

I’m very interested in this upcoming Sysex documentation, myself.  One potential (MIDI) Solution is an Event Processor / Event Processor Plus.  I have one mounted comfortably under my ‘board, along with two power supplies and a Quadra-Thru box.  Powered by the MIDI stream (not from the H9, without modification).

Convert – for example – a single CC value to trigger the Sysex message.  But I believe that the EPP will only send 32 bytes – including the leading / trailing F0 and F7.  Not sure yet what the H9 string length requirements are.