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njstoehr wrote:
steve17 wrote:

Hi njstoehr,

I too am new to the H9 and midi control.  I came across this post and I was just wondering if, a year later, you are still happy with using your ES-8 as a midi controller for your H9.  Please let me know as I’ve just purchased an H9 and am thinking of getting the ES-8 soon.



I am very happy with the ES-8 and H9 control. I was new to midi at the time so it was a learning curve for sure. ES-8 is actually pretty easy to use with regard to midi, just take some time to look up as much as you can on line, especially youtube videos.

Good luck. I don’t think you will be disapointed in anyway. Again, just do some research, take your time, and don’t get too frustrated. It really is easier than it seems.



I had a similar issue when I initially tried to get my ES-8 to control a Strymon Big Sky, H9 Max, and an H9 Core. No bad midi cables here, but I wound up making the ES-8 midi channel 1, the Strymon Channel 2, and the H9’s were 3 and 4. Also a noob, and really trying to trial and error my way through things. A few items I’d like help with.
Is it possible to choose a Memory patch on the ES-8, and have it pull up the correct sound on either a Strymon, or H9, but have them toggled to off or bypass? Basically this allows me to have all of the sounds at my disposal for a particular song live, but allows me to activate the sound from the Active switch for example on the H9. Thanks