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Eventide Staff
Tomtama wrote:

I realized I had not converted the ACSII command codes to hex. After doing that this is the Sysex message I calculated to change the instrument to bass. The H9 is on midi channel 2.

F0 1C 70 02 3C 32 36 38 20 31 F7

Is this correct?

You will note that this document is for experts only and little or no support is available.

But, I'll break the habits of a lifetime, and JUST THIS ONCE, try and do the decent thing.

Two issues"

1) The number 2 is the MIDI SYSEX ID – this is not the same as the MIDI channel. I would suggest that you keep this at zero, as many things do not work with different values.

2) You have the number wrong – it should be 200 (hex) plus 68 (decimal) expressed as hex. This would be 244 (32 34 34).

That should do it.