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nene wrote:

Had sent a mail to you with the patch that I was trying to load. Had also tried to trouble shoot with a PC. No problem in loading the patch using a Window terminal but the H9 Control MAC versioncrashes everytime i have tried importing the same patch. Is there any update on the findings?

Well, I updated my Mac to the same OS version that you have installed, 10.13.2.  I reinstalled the latest H9 Control build from our website, and I downloaded the preset that you linked to above.  It imported fine on my system.

We do have a newer version of H9 Control than what's published on our website though.  Let me send you a link to that, and if you're still having trouble importing presets, when you get the crash screen could you copy out the crash log and send it to me (or post it here)?

I'll send you the link to the latest version of H9 Control in an email…