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Given To Fly
Yousefk wrote:

Hey !

I’m using my mixing link to switch between two guitars, so :

1- First guitar is plugged into the Instrument Line Input

2-Second guitar plugged into the from FX.

3- from to the ampt, connected to the PA.

All is working perfect so far, howeever i want to connect my mic into the mixing link and then from its DI/Line Out to another pedal which i’m using only for vocal. which is also working but the mic is also working with the guitars channels (which are taken from the “to amp”).


So is there a way to seperate the outputs of the mix from the guitars? to not let the MIC signal also show up in the guitar signal (to amp).


I hope i could explain well.


Here is the manual: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.eventide.downloads/Product+Manuals/MixingLinkUG.pdf

If I understand things correctly, the following seems relevant:

(14) INST IN 1⁄4” Phonejack

Use the high impedance (Hi-Z) INST IN jack to connect instruments, and other unbalanced signals.

When you insert a plug into the INST IN jack, the input to the MIC pre-amp is mixed with the MIC/LINE input and the GAIN control acts on both INST and MIC/LINE inputs simultaneously. 

I do not know if there is a solution, but people who do know should be here soon.