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wilkinsi wrote:

For the first time ever in my experience, I was able to get both H9’s paired to my early 2015 Macbook Pro 13″ Retina, running OS X 10.13.2. This was a one off, because I haven’t been able to since. It just wipes out the Bluetooth connection to both H9’s when I try to pair the second H9. So, back to square one. This is not an issue when using the beta Android app.


I have been fighting this foa bout a year. I sent Eventide log files and have not heard anything in return. With that said, I do believe this is both an Eventide H9 and Apple issue. I say this becasue my ipads connect fine. Recently I got a new MacBook Pro for my office. I decided to give it a shot and it connected via Bluetooth perfectly. That is, until I moved it more than a 3 feet from my pedalboard.

Sometimes, I have the H9 on my amp and my ipad is 15 or 20′ across the stage on a mic stand.

I believe that the apple Bluetooth antenna may be of some concern and the Bluetooth transmitter in the Ho9 may also play a part. No scientific evidence here, just my gut feelings.