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Thank you so much for posting this.

I’m trying to connect a Soft Step 2 to two H9s. I’ve followed your model but without success, so far. I think a big problem is that I can’t do what you emphasize most: **  The most important setting is to tell the H9 in the Settings menu to Connect to Midi device and then choose the SoftStep ( SSCOM Port 1) ** Can someone please help me figure this out?

When I go to Settings in the H9 Control app and select “Connect MIDI Device to Eventide Device” in the menu, I don’t see (SSCOM Port 1). I see None. And Clarette 4Pre MIDI. I don’t know how the Clarett, my Focusrite Audio Interface, is seen by H9 Control. I’ve got the H9 synced to the OS X version of the Control app through Bluetooth only.

I have the SoftStep2 connected by USB to the KMI MIDI Expander and the MIDI Expander’s MIDI OUT is going to the H9’s MIDI IN. The MIDI Expander’s amber MIDI OUT light flashes when I stomp the Keys that were programmed as per your instructions but, for instance, H9 Control is not hearing the CC message to Tap when I stomp Key 5. I do have a second MIDI cable running from the 1st H9’s MIDI OUT port to the 2nd H9’s MIDI IN port, if that is relevent. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, since I don’t even have the first H9 working but I ultimately want to be able to control the two with the SoftStep.

I see there are some “MIDI Settings” in the Pedal tab next to Settings. Do I need to make adjustments to the settings elsewhere? I’ve tried a few blind experiments but didn’t notice any action.

Thanks for reading.