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Eventide Staff
wrgkmc wrote:

I did try the plugin this weekend.


After about 10 seconds the plugin goes from a black screen to fully opening. I can at least see the sliders and maake adjustments with them. Can't see the corresponding frequency meters however. Unfortunately thse are the what makes this plug in unique. Without them its essentially just a graphic EQ.

It doesnt seem to be that the meteres are simply unviewable either. When I hit Match EQ all the sliders drop to the bottom so it looks like the frequency analyzer portion of the plugin is failing.



Hello wrgkmc,

Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the issue with the OpenGL drivers on your machine makes it impossible to draw the UI using OpenGL.  For this reason, it's rendered in software, however, I'm not able to update all those meters in real time using the software renderer.  This means that those meters won't show up on that computer, I'm sorry.

There is still a lot in EQuivocate that differentiates it from other Graphic EQs.  Specifically, the triangular linear-phase filters allow you very fine control over the spectrum, and when combined with the Mel spacing, this creates a very natural sounding EQ.  Additionally, the Match EQ, changable filter locations, and output compensation are very useful features not found on other graphic EQs.

I am sorry we can't get the meters working on your computer, though.