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snakle wrote:
… I’m thinking about how to do this live. If I run my vocals through a MixingLink and my H9 is there any sort of autotune options on the H9? What if I set the H9 to diatonic, mix to 100%, notes to unison, and the key to whatever song I’m in?

I like the way you think.  I didn’t get a chance to test your theory.  I’m guessing that the ‘capture window” for pitch correction would be too wide to be useful.  E.G., you’d have to be a semitone off or more to have it snap to the next interval.  There has to be an allowance for smaller pitch variations, like pitch bends and vibrato.

Even if you managed to pull this all off, there’d be no ‘Glide’ parameter control to adjust for how hard soft the autocorrection would be.  I posted a few musings about this; way back when only had a PitchFactor: