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nickrose wrote:

Not sure that I understand. But, if I do, you are looking for some kind of MIDI message to notify you of knob values being updated on loading a preset.

There is none – and probably unlikely to be so, as the work involved in doing this would slow the unit down, for something that would benefit very few guitarists.

What you could do, since you know when the preset is changed, is to download the new preset and read the knob values. This will require a sysex and C programming.




Hi Nickrose,

Thanks a lot for the quick reply. Here is a visual explanation the make myself clearer. See attached a screenshot of my Lemur layout for the H910 H949 effect on my H9 pedal with some explanation of what does what.

As you can see the layout is pretty close to what H9 control does already, the top knobs works fine to control the pedal and the bank selection pads at the bottom are working fine too.

The one thing I’m missing is, when I select a different bank with the pads, the knobs at the top do not refresh with the new selected settings, which is normal as I haven’t implemented it in the Lemur app yet.

So I’m looking for a way to do so, and the SysEx way seems to be the one making sense as the H9 do send SysEx back when I select a bank. If I can tell Lemur where to look on that SysEx code to refresh the knobs on top so those match with the settings on the H9.

My question was, which Hex code sent by the H9 related to the Knobs position?

And another question while we’re at it, Is that Hex code differently layed out depending of the effect selected? (as you can see on the screenshot, I have the Resonator effect and the Black Hole effect on the H9 too)

Thanks again!