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jarvss wrote:
Hi, I’ve built a Midi controller using a micro controller (Arduino). I have managed to get this to request and read a sysex dump for each preset on my H9. So now I have stored info on preset 0 to 99. But the only method I can see to specifically select a sound on the H9 is by sending a Program change. Program 1 might not be for Preset 1. This kind of makes the sysex data useless apart having info about the currently selected Preset/program. I know I can do a next/previous preset via the cc messages but this seems strange seeing as I can’t select a preset only a Program. Is there a cc or sysex message I can send to select a specific preset? Thanks PJ

Not sure what distinction you are drawing between Presets and Programs. Maybe by Program you mean Algorithm ?

The way to load a preset from MIDI is by using a Program Change message. I suppose you could use MIDI sysex to download a preset and then use another sysex to send it back, but this seem a bit of a fiddle.