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bohan wrote:

Yes, there is a way to do this already. 

If you want to switch presets on your mobile device during live performance, you should use a local preset list (those lists from the phone logo in Preset List screen). Because in the local list, you can set the default bypass status for each preset. Therefore, you should be able to create a bypass preset at any position (you may choose whatever algorithm and rename the preset to BYPASS). When you want to bypass your H9, just click that bypass preset you created in the local preset list.

However, (thanks to your feedback!) I found there is a bug when you save the bypass status of a preset. But you can still get around it. Just remember change some other parameters/values besides the bypass status, otherwise H9 Control would think you didn’t change anything so it wouldn’t save the preset. We’ll fix this issue very soon in the next verision of H9 Control.

Ok, so let me see if I have this right. First I need to save the pedal preset list to the phone. Then, in the phone preset list, I can copy really any preset, set it to bypass, name it bypass, then use that to bypass the pedal as needed. And I only need one bypass preset to put the pedal into bypass from any other preset. Is this correct?