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rcsimmons wrote:

On my H9 I press preset twice and change the Algorithm to Spring with the rotary knob. It changes to preset 0 for Spring but when I try to change presets for Spring with the Rotary Knob it jumps to a preset for 910949 and changes the Alorithm to 910949. Am I doing somethig wrong? I do not have this issue using the control app. Thanks for any help.

It's unclear exactly what you are doing so I'm going to try and guess.

1) Press twice to get into Alg mode

2) Turn wheel to select "Spring" Alg.

3) Alg mode times out and returns to Preset mode, showing "0.Spring."  The 0 is to show it is an unsaved preset using alg "Spring".

4) Turn wheel

5) Selects the next preset after where you were, and changes the algorithm.


Sounds like it is doing what it should. You are probably confused by the timeout in step 3.

What you are maybe looking for is a way to select all presets using "Spring." The H9 does not do this, and probably should.