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Hi, thx for the replay Nick – understand there are errors but just trying to clarify a few things and hopefully help you correct some of those errors.

1) Could you confirm that the only way we can update the unit is via MIDI CC and therefor parameters such as filter that have a 200 range (-100 to 100) can only be updated to a resolution of 0-128 by us?

2) In this section of the document:


Response: The unit sends a SYSEXC_TJ_PRESETS_DUMP message 

SYSEXC_TJ_PRESETS_DUMP 0x49 Data: A dump of the all the presets in the unit. See Appendices for more information. Response: n/a

In response to the SYSEXC_TJ_PRESETS_WANT the unit actually sends a series of the 0x60 messages with no preset data, rather than a SYSEXC_TJ_PRESETS_DUMP. Is this correct behaviour? thx