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Few comments like the one in https://www.eventideaudio.com/comment/24756#comment-24756

wedelich wrote:

We found everyone wants to use Loopers in very different ways, and we did this because most people prefered their immediate playback to be at the pitch/speed they recorded it in (more standard Looper usage).  

or in https://www.eventideaudio.com/comment/21126#comment-21126

wedelich wrote:

That is actually how it was intended to work (it’s in the user Looper Help file).  It was actually a hard decision to come by, choosing between having an auto Octave switch back or not, but here is why: 

Each way ( 1. auto Octave swtich back, 2. no auto Octave switch back) will always require an extra user step to change the Resolution in the situation where you want to record a new loop and have it playback at the speed you recorded (which I’m assuming is the majority of cases for a Looper in a guitar pedal).  For 1, it the extra user step always occurs after you create a new loop and have to adjust the Resolution to something else.  For 2, the extra step occurs before you want to record a new loop, i.e. put the Resolution back to Octaves, or at least make sure you put the Speed back to 100 or 50, etc.  


could actually be the explanation of why it does not automatically return to your original choice after the first recording is finished (obviously that might cause an undesired pitch shift). But imho it doesn’t really clarify the mysterious : ) jump to ‘octave’ mode which occurs at the first hand when record button is pressed.

Immediate playback at the pitch/speed of the first recorded material should occur with any arbitrary resolution/speed setting unless the user manually changes something in between (ie. between the first recording and the playback).

I might think that for some technical reason, it can only record at the multiplies of a 25% rate. But since this limitation only exist during the first recording, and it can dub at any speed afterwards, this would be unlikely cause.