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For a theremin, you might consider a Whammy-like pitch preset through the Synthonizer.  Not sure how that would track … With access to an expression pedal, it might be good to run through all the pitch-based presets solo, and note how they track, crossfade, and/or glitch.

The ‘pitch-shifting’ Delay algorithms (like Tape Echo) give unusual effects when adjusted, as do some of the Reverb algos with SIZE.  When I think ‘spooky’, it’s hard to avoid the BlackHole algorithm.  Plenty of multi-FX to fine-tune there.  Heavy modulation will bend the apparent pitch in freaky directions.

Off the top of my head, here are a few preset links that may / may not help out here:

Klang Mangle Organ


Freak-Quency SSB


Rubberband Glitch


Poly Expressive 2