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Eventide Staff
Anatolyj_B wrote:

Guys, sorry, for why you change infinite algo in latest versions ? Just now found that Infinity does not infinity anymore even if Depth and Rate modulation on zero. And the tail fade out very noticeable during this setting.

I did not follow the versions, but did see list of changes, as i understand it is:


Fixes for several Pro Tools quick commands not working

Fixes issue where delay compensation would change when bypassing plugin in Pro Tools

Internal processing improvements

> Fix issue where engaging “Freeze” would cause squealing feedback after long periods of time

It seems it something related with this "fix" ?


We changed this because we found that in previous versions, Infinite feedback, with Depth and Rate at zero, would cause a squealing feedback after some time. This could happen as quickly as 5-10 seconds, if the filters were set a certain way, but regardless, it would always happen under around 30 seconds. 

We decided to fix this, but doing so does mean that the tail will lose a bit of energy over a very long period of time. Were you able to achieve settings where this squeal did not occur?