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TLongabaugh wrote:

Anatolyj_B wrote:

Guys, sorry, for why you change infinite algo in latest versions ? Just now found that Infinity does not infinity anymore even if Depth and Rate modulation on zero. And the tail fade out very noticeable during this setting.

I did not follow the versions, but did see list of changes, as i understand it is:


Fixes for several Pro Tools quick commands not working

Fixes issue where delay compensation would change when bypassing plugin in Pro Tools

Internal processing improvements

> Fix issue where engaging “Freeze” would cause squealing feedback after long periods of time

It seems it something related with this “fix” ?


We changed this because we found that in previous versions, Infinite feedback, with Depth and Rate at zero, would cause a squealing feedback after some time. This could happen as quickly as 5-10 seconds, if the filters were set a certain way, but regardless, it would always happen under around 30 seconds. 

We decided to fix this, but doing so does mean that the tail will lose a bit of energy over a very long period of time. Were you able to achieve settings where this squeal did not occur?

I understand about which squealing you say (sometin like high frequency feedback), but frankly to say i thought it was quite interesting feature, rather than bug.

Tom but in any case, true infinity ability in Blackhole, at zero modulation, it’s was one of the main thing. This point can not be softened or averaged, infinity or there is, or this is not infinity at all.

Moreover, i’m not sure that such modify of feedback will not cause some changes to overall results in many presets.

Please do not need kill the most strange and interesting (even if it’s similar to squealing) details in device. This makes it an ordinary reverb.

And you right – i can’t call in mind quickly that circumstance in which exactly zero modulation could not cause squealing (during a little modulation levels perhaps ?), but i good remember that infinity could was without any artifacts, and without fading.

As well, as i remember, such feedback “artefact” could been not only high frequency, but also appear in low side. Ie it seems it’s was quite versatile (able of appearing in different ways) addition in feedback.

Bring back this all again, please. as a feature of Blackhole.

Or at least bring back true infinity during zero modulation, if you against squealing. If it’s possible technically.

Or, can i get v243 Win installer ? (can’t found where can download archive versions) Unfortunately the latest pre- v3 which i had just v226.