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Schilling wrote:
I’m having exactly the same problem with my Space. All of a sudden it started some crackling and popping noises, which occur more often in the complex algorithms. It is definitely something related to the DSP chip ’cause even when I turn off the reverb, it is present in DSP and DSP+FX bypass settings, but totally disappears when I change to relay bypass. Since I live in Brazil and the shipping cost are exorbitant I’ll try reconnecting the ribbon cable also. Let’s see what happens…


Hi Schilling, I’m sorry to tell you that I spoke too soon.  A couple of days after my last post, the crackles and pops reappears out of nowhere.  I haven’t decided whether to send it to Eventide (I will have to incur major shipping costs) or to just bite the bullet and get a H9.  I just wish that there is a simpler, more cost efficient fix that we can do ourselves.  All the best with resolving the issue.