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lordradish wrote:

A question, prompted by the awesomeness of sequence view in Harpeggiator… how hard would it be, perhaps in an update, to simply enable the abilty to choose the notes, instead of preset patterns? There's such a lack of this ability out there in the pedal world, I think this would increase the awesomeness/utiility factor by 100 if we were able to do this. Is it a software tweak? Are there hardware limitations to doing this?

Yes, I agree it would be a game changer if those sequences of the Harpeggiator were editable. It is possible to implement it software-wise but there are two main problems:

1. It will take a lot of time to rewrite/create new modules in the code of Harpeggiator algorithm.

2. It would be impossible for users to create custom sequences on their H9 or PitchFactor without H9 Control.