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TLongabaugh wrote:

Hi Anatolyj_B-

I understad that you found this feedback to be interesting, but it really was a bug. We had other complaints about this high frequency feedback and felt removing it was the right move. The tail energy will dissipate some over time, depending on settings of the EQ section. We will consider ways to mitigate this, but I can’t say it will be updated.

If you email support@eventide.com referencing this post, we will provide you with an installer for the last version before this fix.


Ok Tom thank you for access to installer at least. Also what i wanted to ask – what meant “Internal processing” fix in v2.3.0 ?


> – Internal processing < changes and updates

– Fixed an issue where hotswitch “off” state would occasionally be lost upon session restore

– Fixed an issue where ribbon position would occasionally load incorrectly in Pro Tools

– Updated manual