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Eventide Staff
jaredrodgers wrote:

Hopefully its just me but Ive watched every tutorial several times and nothing seems to make sense. I have, say, 4 lists. 1 on my Iphone directory and 3 on the H9 directory. any time I try and save a new preset on a new list that I jst created it alway sbrings up a prompt to save to the same "preset index" overwriting a different list I have. I cannot seem to make any new lists they all just go to the same on when I try and save… is this right??

Which version of H9 Control are you using? If not 3.2.3, please go to your app store to update your H9 Control. 

When you edit the preset in the local preset list, you can choose where you want to save the preset (local preset list or H9, see attachment). When you edit the preset on the H9's list, it will be saved to its original position on H9.