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homeless wrote:

Is there any plans to be able to assign a Pre/Post setting to the defaults without having to save a duplicate copy?  It’d be nice so I don’t have two copies of a bunch of settings that make things on my screen a little more crowded.  (Even if we couldn’t change each preset individually, it would be nice to assign a Pre/Post routing default to an entire algorithm.  i.e. I don’t think I’d ever place something like “Blackhole” in front of my crunch section so it’d be nice to just say everything in that section defaults to Post and I can change it to Pre on an individual basis.)




Same here – there are some algorithms I’d rather defaulted to Post and if I ever wanted to change them I’d do that – at the minute I have to change almost everything to Post and only have a small handful that are Pre

Ditto. They released this with the CrunchStation update right? Most of the presets on my the box should be post IMO, or at least they will be in my setup. I think that would be nice to change the factory defaults per algorithm and then you can make individual user presets if you want to have some different.

I’m guessing no word on this?  Love the pre/post feature but hate having to constantly switch the factory patches to “post”.  Even just a global setting to default all factory patches to “post” would be fine by me.