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peterfrequency wrote:
Great work, and great news! Very happy H9 + Ableton user here. Just wondering, do the midi CCs need to be set to the default mappings? I have set my second H9 to use a different bunch of CC numbers so that I can hook them up with an external controller using midi through/merge. Looking forward to checking this out as soon as I can!

Thanks for the interest!

As long as the CCs are in sequence order (e.g. 77,78,79…86) they don’t need to be set to the default mappings, but the software attempts to send 14-bit MIDI values (which means the CC number plus the CC number + 32 are both used for a single control). But if the CCs are scattered all around (77, 23, 32, 64…), then unfortunately I haven’t made the configuration complex enough to handle that situation. I hope to parameterize this in a future version, along with the option to turn on and off the 14-bit values. In the meantime, just run an older version of the patch (1.1.1 I think should do) for standard 7-bit CCs, but all versions require the starting CC for knob 1 to be sequentially following for knobs 2-10, respectively.

If your external controllers are flexible enough, I would suggest trying to use the default configuration for CC but changing the MIDI channel on each device. Each instance of the plugin in your Live set will track it’s own channel. I also have two H9s, set up the same way but a channel apart. It’s very easy to keep track of them this way!