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djwayne wrote:
I have a couple of questions on multiple H9’s.First, do you just connect the audio outputs of the MAX to the audio input of the Core ??

Yes.  Either device can be first.  Output 1 to Input 1 if mono.  Add Output 2 to Input 2 if routed in stereo.

djwayne wrote:
What about the USB connection, do both have to be connected to your computer, and do you get two H9 Control screens ??

It’s been a while.  I find using a supported BlueTooth dongle to be more convenient, but yes.  One USB cable per device.  A USB connection will override the MIDI DIN port.  Each H9 can be ‘paged’ for the stompbox presets & preset lists, plus presets can be shared across the devices.  I have 3 H9’s over BlueTooth + one PitchFactor via USB (when it’s close to my Win laptop). I surf among all devices in the H9 Control app.

djwayne wrote:
I have an H9 MAX and am considering getting a Core….any info will be helpfull Thanks in advance !!

I’m sure that you’re aware, but it’s woth repeating.  Your H9 Max will effectively convert the new H9 Core into another Max (if you don’t transfer ownership of the original Max).  Maximum value.