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Eventide Staff
rxb216 wrote:

So the current setup is: FX Send -> Whammy -> Pitchfactor -> Mobius -> Decimator in -> Decimator out -> Timeline -> BigSky -> FX Return

I’d like be able to use all the features of the H9 but I am confused about placement. It would have been ideal if the H9 had (2) FX loop connection options, such that I could place it both within the decimator loop (for pitch/modulation) and again outside of it (for delay/reverb).

I know that you have a pre/post option, but I think that's only applicable for users that want to place it in front of the amplifier as well as within the FX loop.

Hi, pre/post routing can be used anywhere in your signal chain. You can use pre/post routing so it can be used either in or after decimator loop depending on the pre/post setting of each preset you set on H9.