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By the way, this doesn’t always work.   I’m not sure of the cause – but I’ll try to document this behavior. 

floresp640 wrote:

silver_mica wrote:

How would I cause a preset to scroll on the H9 – using just the H9 itself (without using a computer, without using MIDI or the Control app)?




So there are a few different ways to scroll through presets on the H9. 

1.) You can use the right footswicth go up or down presets if you are in preset mode 

– You can go into ‘preset mode’ by holding the ‘tap’ footswitch. You can also go back into ‘Performance mode’ by holding the ‘Tap footswitch again’

– In performance mode, the ‘Tap’ footswitch will be. dedicated ‘Tap Tempo’

– You can reverse the directon of ‘Preset Mode’ from ascending to descending by clicking the Encoder Knob.


2.) You can also use the encoder knob to quickly scroll up or down through your preset list by just turning it to either direction.


Hope this helps!