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O2LAMJU wrote:

1. When Tempo is "On", both "TAP" (right switch) and "Tempo" LEDs behave synchronously between themselves BUT Problem: the visual flashing led's tempo varies, shifting time (sooner) each about … 8 to 20 clicks. Even when it doesn't "slide tempo" (during the 8 to 20 clicks before shift) I don't even feel a steady connection between "visual" click timing and "real" FX delay absolute time. this occurs in standalone mode, without any midi plug, I didn't test with external stuff yet!

2. in my SPACE's system mode/Utility/SW VER I read 5.2.0[6] this is the last version? 

3. I tried to use H9 Control (on win 7 64b/ USB 2 connected) and when it works I like it, but after some time (or operations, I don't know cause I can't trigger the bug intentionally) a "communication error" occurs and stops link with Space.


1. The "visual" click timing and "real" FX delay absolute time are not necessary to be same. In TEMPO mode, DELAY or PRE-DELAY parameter is displayed as a note-based rhythmic subdivision of the TEMPO value, varying from 1/64 to whole note. So it depends on the DELAY's value and doesn't have to be same as the visual click timing.

2. You can use H9 Control to update the firmware of your SPACE. Just go to Pedal Settings can click Update Stompbox's Software.

3. The communication errors happen due to various reasons. It could be your USB connection, or some other USB device interferes with it. Please let us know if you can reproduce this issue, otherwise, we can hardly tell what's wrong.