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3. I made the “CLEAR SETUP” power-on, launched updater through H9 Control (for which i didn’t test -over time- the connection at that point).

when i arrived in updater, my Sp-14061 was retrieved (Step 1installing issue 3. Step1.JPG), i tried to see info on update but it didn’t manage to load an info page (step 3installing issue 3. Step3 no info on update .JPG) ,

then i “install update” it ask for backup pedal presets, i choose a file, ok then an error comes (Step 4installing issue 3. Step4 loop error preset data unsaveable.JPG) and ask for “Clear setup”… ??? i just did it before, why ?

so i did the same “clear setup” again (don’t think, be a computer lol) and relaunched “search for devices” and “install update”

this time all did well (saving presets & lond update transfer and install) !!! good

But… when i look into space’s system menu / Sw version i still see 5.2.0[6]

and there’s nothing like a 5.4.0 in eventide direct updater software menu

why ? 🙁

could you send me the file so i can try “update from file” ?

and i still don’t understand why i can’t have info when i click the round (i) in updater, it tries to connect but can’t (attached step 5installing issue 3. Step5 error connecting.JPG) is this why i don’t see 5.4.0 as available ? connection problem ? do you force a particular browser (i use firefox and i am web-connected when trying) to see info on update when a new page pop-up ?