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Eventide Staff
JohnPearl wrote:

help! you dont like exesting customers do ya?

one more time…..I am trying to upgrade my plugin bundle with the new add-ons ( Elevate and  EQuivocate) thats what I wanted the first time last December and was surprised I did't get it (small print stuff, my fault)  I have updated my ILOK with the liceses(no Prob) Now I have been to every page you have, looking for the program downloads ??? I have read every e-mail in our history, I have re aquainted myself with everything I can think of, now im at wits end and wondering wtf why?

Hey JohnPearl-

I'm sorry, I'm not totally sure what the problem you are having is. The Elevate Bundle is not included in the Ensemble Bundle.

The Ensemble downloads are done through the Gobbler client.

If you purchased Elevate Bundle and are looking for the downloads, they are here: https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/product/10599/installers. You can also find them under "My Account ->My Products", or by going to the Elevate Bundle product page, and clicking "Docs and Downloads" in the upper right hand corner.