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Eventide Staff
DeepG wrote:

With the new 24db cut and boost a new side effect is noticable in the manitude response of large boosts in bass frequencies.

Its like a very constant sinoidial +/- 2db ripple above the target frequency. It sounds like comb filtering, even though the phase is un-touched.

An interesting work around is to set the range back to 12db then duplicate the instance so you get 24b of boost (12db instance 1 and 12db instance 2).

 The boost is 24db with no ripple in the magnitude. Happy work around but kind of negates the new feature.

Thanks for this great eq, the transient clarity of this linear phase eq is the best I've heard ever.

Hi DeepG,

It's true that by creating larger differences in the gain between bands you'll see larger artifacts.  Sort of a "with great power comes great responsibility" type thing.  The artifacts are also greater when the bands are narrower, which is why you're seeing it more prevalently in the lower frequency bands.  The reason running two in series doesn't show these artifacts is that you're effectively doubling the length of the filter.  That's a trade off that increases CPU usage and increases latency.

FWIW, I assume you're not often making 24 dB adjustments in adjacent frequency bands?