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I see, I was using separate midi maps for each tune so I could see which tune was being called up! I just assumed that was how it was done as I couldn’t see another way on the scenes page to tell the name of the tune that was loaded. Ha! Glad to know the right way now.

Since my last post, somehow the instant crashing on trying to delete all the old midi maps has stopped–I’m not sure what changed. And right after that, I did redo everything with only one midi map, and loading the applicable FX Chain preset, and then doing a scene capture, etc. Even before getting your latest reply, this was obviously the way to do it, as it was working. EXCEPT, now I’m getting intermittent crashing when the unit receives the program change–much less than before the recent update, which was most of the time, but still in response to receiving the pc–about 10% of the time a pc is sent. So still not usable for live this way.

One other thing–I still get those subset names of FX Chain presets below the scene number on the right. One is the correct and intended one and the others either apply to a different FX Chain for another song, or one or two irrelevant ones. I then deleted the ones that were not the intended ones in order make the loading quicker. Maybe this lessened the rate of crashes, I’m not sure, but I’m still getting a crash here and there upon receipt of a pc from the daw.