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StSpider wrote:
… Or any way to simulate the effect with a different algo (filter or wah or something)?

I want to do this without an expression pedal …

bansta wrote:
… I would like to have the same feature in the Flanger …

That could be simulated with other algorithms, but I would try the Flanger first.  Dialing DEPTH down to 0 will disable the sweep / SPEED.  Set the INTENSITY (feedback / regeneration) to maximum, and then back it off slowly, until you’re hearing the desired effect.

For Phaser-type FX, INTENSITY would be very low, and a POSITIVE / NEGATIVE TYPE would be more subtle.  I have the MDO O/P parameter here mapped to the expression pedal, but you can dial it in manually.  The same parameter can be found in the Chorus ORGANIC TYPE.

As an aside, the current expression pedal / ribbon position is saved within a preset, so those features can be used for initial adjustments.  More information here: