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Chalky wrote:
The Digitech Drop pedal seems to faithfully drop whole chords in pitch .. very useful for guitarists as it saves having to bring a separate additional detuned guitar when the singer insists on playing Highway to Hell in Db… I keep thinking surely H9 can do that with one of those many algos, but I can’t make it happen without getting nasty digital side effects. Do I really have to buy a separate pedal to perform this single function when I already have the Eventide flagship? Hoping someone cracks this!

You can use PitchFlex algorithm to do this. 

Note that PitchFlex is a stereo effect. Therefore, if you just want one pitch, you may set the Pitch Mix to A10+B0. Then you can just set the pitch drop for the voice A.

For example, if you want to drop a whole step, you need to set: Mix = 100,  Pitch Mix to A10+B0, Heel A = -M2, Toe A = -M2, Filter = 0.

If you have an expression pedal connected, you can also use this as a whammy effect. Just change the Heel and the Toe to whatever pitch you want. If you want stereo effect, please change the Pitch Mix, Heel B, and Toe B accordingly.