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malapp10 wrote:

here is my question, with three H9's do I even need the pedal?

The next issue is, I believe the sales guy was trying to tell me that this pedal, that is in pristine condition, may be an older model. Does anyone know if there were other releases of the pedal that may negatively affect its functionality? I can't seem to find anything that indicates this.

Lastly, if I purchased it, I would assume I would want it first in my effects loop. Would the ModFactor and an H9 be adequate enough to give me a giant-sized fat tone?

Oh, here is a half question, they don't have the power supply. I believe it takes a center pin negative 9 volt 2200 MAH power supply, is that correct? Thank you in advance for your help. Michael

1. If I had three H9s, I would not consider buying another ModFactor. Because H9 has all ModFactor's algorithms.

2. The hardware has not be changed. You can update its software though. 

3. I believe so.

4. The power supply for ModFactor is same as the one for H9. So center positive, 9-12V, at least 400 mA for the current.