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He should have wrote:
I probably needed to link the Preset Sharing downloads, at some point:

TENS REV NO HOLD (post above)


TENS REC FWD REV (post that follows)


Another nice Tensor configuration uses the 5.8 second buffer as an infinite background loop.  The twist: the loop will play forward, then alternate to reverse playback.  Latch the initial recording to create the loop, autoplay back, and glide between forward & reverse.  Latching HOLD again will replace the recording with a new loop.  The record buffer will vary in length (between HOLD taps).


In the H9 / TimeFactor version, you’ll have to get creative for the alternating FWD / REV playback.  At least two ways to do it:  Binding an Aux switch to the PLAY button will instantly reverse the loop direction.

The 2nd method: Tie an Aux switch to the Expression Pedal mapping. Personal preference, but with some advantages.  Below, the EXP PED mapping is shown Full Toe / Aux ON, triggering reverse playback.

One major difference to note:  The Tensor will replace the loop, but the loop length will shrink or expand; depending on the time between HOLD switch taps.  The H9 Looper is replacing the loop, but dubbing to the full buffer length of 5.8 seconds.  If you stop playing, the Looper will REPL-LATCH with silence.

One major advantage to note:  The H9 / TimeFactor loop can be dubbed in forward, reverse, or combinations of the two within the same loop.  Use the Aux switch mapping to Expression Pedal (or a rapid sweep with an expression pedal) to shift direction (PLAYSPEED), while you REPL-LATCH over the initial loop recording.  That, in addition to instant wind / rewind, at any point in the loop playback.