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Given To Fly
Malapp10 wrote:

Hello all,

I have 4 H9’s, I guess the coolaide had something else in it.  Recently, I ordered the EvenMidi, if anyone is familiar with it, I would appreciate your input.  For now, my question is this:  I have a Mission volume, Mission WAH and Mission swithch along with the 4 H9’s.  I have the volume and WAH going to the front of the amp.  Should I put the 4 H9’s in the effects loop?  If it matter’s, I have a Mesa Boogie Mark V:35.


Thank-you in advance for your help.

What do you want the H9’s to do? For example, distortion algorithms will not sound their best in the FX loop but Shimmer probably will. You gave us quite a bit of information but I think we need more to be helpful.