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… and what about switching lag?

Given To Fly wrote:

I realize PitchFuzz came out a while ago, but I did not realize it was potentially the most useful H9 algorithm available!

Right now, my “amp” is essentially the H9 running directly into a pair of studio monitors. My guitar is my guitar, the H9, using PitchFuzz, is my preamp for clean/distorted tones, FX processor for pitch/modulation FX as well as delay/pseudo-reverb FX, and my studio monitors are my power amps and speakers. There is no cabinet emulation or practical “Master Volume” of any sort. Thankfully, the volume is just right for the situation, which is not particularly ideal, and that is where PitchFuzz shines: less than ideal situations! Every component that is needed to create an interesting and decent guitar sound is available in a single preset if programmed properly. (Although, there is no sense in making a less than ideal situation unnecessarily difficult.) PitchFuzz may not do exactly what guitarists want (nothing does) but it does exactly what guitarists need.

When traveling internationally, airlines usually let you carry on a guitar (results vary). No one tries to travel with a tube amp and the few people I know who travel with FX of both the pedal and rack variety usually spend a long time with security checking things out. (Again, results vary but electronics that are not phones, tablets, or laptops seem to draw attention.) The H9 is small and if packed well can go in your luggage or guitar case. If it does attract attention, there is really nothing you can do except perhaps ushering the security personnel over to the Eventide website using your phone, tablet, or laptop. Once you have arrived at your destination, chances are you will be borrowing an amp of some variety (Fender Twin) which may or may not be what you are used to playing through. In short, the more variables you can eliminate, the more comfortable you will be. PitchFuzz eliminates variables which make the H9 even more valuable in “less than ideal” playing situations.

If PitchFuzz has an intended purpose, I doubt it is to be a “traveling algorithm.” The reality is it can be a “traveling algorithm” if needed and it is really the only algorithm that can accomplish the task on its own. My perspective might be unique but when you are in Israel with that Fender Twin, or Germany with a different Fender Twin, you won’t use MangledVerb to save the day. (No offense to MangledVerb but I think its appeal has a narrower scope.) Anyways, I appreciate Eventide’s hard work and I figured I would share that appreciation. In case you threw it together at the last minute, I appreciate that too. yes