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Given To Fly
demetan wrote:

Hi all,

I was wondering if it would be possible to add arabic scale with quarter tone in the Pitch Factor.

The idea is not to have extra notes played on top but to down tune a little bit one or two specific notes.

Let say I want to play in Bayati (D E1/2b [half flat] F G A Bb C)

The solution would be to set the pedal to 100% wet with a Diatonic pitch shifter that does nothing on all notes exepct E that is down tuned of 50 cent.

For the arabic mode/maqam, I guess that 3/4 scales would cover lot of standards songs.

With the same process, we may have non-tempered scale: down-tune the 3rd to get the perfect 3rd for instance.

I guess the pedal should be able to manage this quite easily since it may recognize note (diatonic note) and may down tune of a quarter tone (micro pitch)

Would it be feasible to add the ‘arabic’ options? Already available in other pitch shifter?


This is a good question. I do not know what is feasible but I do know making quarter-tones musically functional would increase the amount of work and level of precision required from the PitchFactor. My guess is the demands would be exponentially higher, but I could be wrong.