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Hi, I have allmost the same situation.




I have both H9.1 (IN02, OUT02) and H9.2 (IN01, OUT01) in the effect loop of the amp (without ES5) and H9.1 (IN01, OUT01) in the loop 05 of the Boss ES5.

My Boss ES5 is placed before the amp, so I don’t use the 4 x cable method at all:

H9.2 for DELAY + REVERB + CHOURS + Volume Swells (it is allways on)

H9.1 for Pitch Shift, Ring Modulator and Phaser PRE or Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Tremolo, very long Delays and so on POST.

H9.1 is in the “Relay bypass”, H9.2 is in the “DSP+FX bypass”

I activate the loop 05 of the Boss switcher when I’m using some PRE preset only.

I’ve tried to connect H9.1 PRE before the Boss switcher to spare a loop, but it sounds horrible even with the hardware bypass, so I think, that hardware bypass doesn’t really works in PRE/POST mode(?)

Both H9 are controlled by Boss ES5 via MIDI and it works perfect.

Hope it helps







FatBulli wrote:

I am running two H9’s on my pedal board alongside other stomp boxes. From here on called H9.1 and H9.2. What I seek to botain is the flexibility to utilize the pre/rpost routing of both H9’s making them send their signal either through the loops of the ES-5 or through the loop of the amp. I have tried to cable it like this, see attached image:

Boss ES-5 > H9.1 (input 1) > H9.1 (output 1) > Boss ES-5, H91. (output 2) > H9.2 input 2. The loop from the amp goes into input 2 of H9.1

Boss ES-5 > H9.2 (input 1) > H9.2 (output 1) > Boss ES-5, H9.2. (output 2) > back to toop return on the amp

This setup does not give any signal unless they bothare in pre, and that does not soud good with revebs and delays.

Has anyone a similar setup with sucesss? Right now I am stuck with one H9 pre and the other post, but I would really like to have absolute flexibility. 

I know the ES-5 has the opportunity to have two of its effects loops in parallell, but will this have anything to say in this matter?

I am using a Carvin Legacy 1 and Bogner amp, not not at the same time. Both loops are serial (as far as I know).


Thanks for any help on this subject