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bodde wrote:
That’s because you start in the middle of a cycle. You need a restart like with the Harpegiattor. But the trem algo doesn’t have that. Better yet is a restart that restarts at the first attack. But you need a button now for the restart which is inconvenient.

That makes a lot of sense, and that is what it sounds like – not exactly off time so much as just off cycle. It’s really messing me up. How do you know when the cycle starts? Is it from when the patch is changed? Is it from the point of activation? When you mention a button for restart, what are you refrering to – activating the preset? I haven’t tried that, but if so, that’s good news because it is midi controllable; i.e. I could send it a midi message from ableton at a specific spot and try to get it back on cycle.

any further ideas appreciated. there has to be a way to keep it in sync…