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Apparently Eventide developers think this is a minor issue.

SEARCHIING/BROWSING is not an add-on is a MUST for any digital resource but no comments from their side, It would be nice to hear from them 😉

Let’s see if that anyone else shows up…

vyanezf wrote:
Nice to know you think the same! Anyone else?

openmusic wrote:

Hi, it is a real nightmare trying to find a preset using H9 control. There are 49 (up to now) algorithms and each of them can hold as many presets as one wish, the problem is how to trace them. Emote, the control software for the H9000, includes a browser! Why can’t Eventide then include this feature as part of H9 Control? Emote could be a more sophisticated software but the browser is just the most basic feature of any software. I don’t know if there is an UNDO script in Emote but also think is a feature that could save our work from accidents. But please, BROWSING/SEARCHING is really necessary.


vyanezf wrote:

Eventide developers, can you make this possible???

I’ve been using for three years now the H9’s as external processors in my workflow and I use a lot the H9 Control in my computer. 

It would be sweet to have this “plug-in like” functionality in the software

Hope that I can reach more users that think alike