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verstaerker wrote:

i noticed something , wich i believe, is a bug:

normally my Timefactor nicely followd Midiclock-tempo-changes. But when i connected to my computer to control with H9 control software it just doesn’t follow the midiclock-changes anymore. As soon as i disconnect the cable its starts following the changes.

Is this something i can control somehow or is it just a bug?

You should use a USB hub and a Class Compliant USB Midi interface . You plug in the H9 and the interface in to the hub. Then send your midi clock to the midi interface, and in H9 control-settings tab-midi you select “connect a midi device to the H9 device” (or something similar). Select the midiport of the USB midi interface here. Now you have your sync back (as well as commands from any other midi controller attched to that port) while still being able to edit via H9 Control.